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Forest Retreat Laos is the most fun and socially conscious trekking company in Northern Laos. Based in Luang Namtha, we offer treks and kayaking, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to near-impossible.

In Raw Jungle Nature

Experience the beauty of jungle life. Live in a remote village hidden in the mountains, left in the fabrics of time. Feel the slow & tranquil lifestyle of these amazing minority groups.

Why Do We Do Eco-Tourism?

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Available Adventures

1,2,3 & 4 day adventures

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Minority Restaurant & Other Options

Great Authentic Food

Minority Restaurant

Our recipes were made with love by my family. The food is tasty, clean & fresh, offering you a look into what we eat on a day to day basis.

Want to try a great Laos curry? Or soups made with exotic plants found in our Jungle backyard? Ask our chefs for the local experience.

You will want to come back for more.

Learn the Lao-Style

Cooking Classes

Northern Laos food has been largely influenced by the ethnic minorities that live around us. The majority of the food is made using local ingredients picked from the jungle the very same day.

Come cook with us and learn the techniques and recipes you need to go back home and cook for your friends and family.

Live like a local

Experience True Homestays

We work very hard with the communities we work with. The homestays you will stay in are non intrusive, truly local experiences. The families have agreed to house tourists who are genuinely interested in their culture and day to day lifestyle.

It will put your life into perspective as well.

We help ethnic minorities

Support a Local Cause

Did you know Laos is one of the only places in the world with over 50 ethnic minorities living on the same land. We work with the Khmu, the Akha, and the Hmong by providing them with village funds. These allow families to start their small businesses, and provide sustenance for their families.

Make a difference by choosing Forest Retreat Laos.

thong forest retreat laos

Wishing You a Warm Welcome!

Few Words From Thong

My objective is to show you how we live. By trekking with us you are helping jungle communities make a living, while truly understanding what it’s like to live in the jungle.